After the events that transpired yesterday, our group decided to lay low for a bit at Seth’s place so we spent the night. In the morning, we went through some things in the hut, but there wasn’t much to find. I took back my dotted papers, as well as the book that Seth had containing the similar markings and Daka found a couple daggers on his corpse, as well as a seed necklace. This struck me as odd because I do not know why a monk of the Fire Temple has daggers on him.

When we realized that Marc was not with us, and Gunn was gone too, we started to panic. No one had seen either since the night before and after yesterday’s series of events who knows what they are up to. Well, we soon found out that what Marc was up to was getting us arrested. We were surrounded and arrested for the assault on Marc and the murder of Seth. When we were thrown into the cell, who should we find sitting in the corner wearing rags but Kira. I never liked that guy too much, but I can’t say much since my first encounter with him was me throwing up all over him…

Our scheme to escape the prison ended with all of us telepoofing using the seed necklace to end up back. What a week that was, indeed.

- Rickon


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