Well, today has certainly proven to be interesting. Of course, waking up being restrained by guards often is. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to hurt them in order to get away. Unfortunately, however, none of them walked out alive. I have no idea what to make of the situation, to be honest. A bloodthirsty orc, a thug who collects teeth, and a bandit. How did I get mixed up with them?

No matter, a small piece of information interesting to both Siddai and myself was uncovered. A tome of Vecna’s has been found and multiple people want to get their hands on it. I’ll have to get it in secret and destroy it with Siddai’s assistance. To that end, I suppose I’ll have to keep following them. As much as it dismays me and possibly her, this little outing or something about or in that journal may lead us to a greater evil to quash. All I can hope is that this is what “it” was talking about.

The only questions that remain are if I can trust them, and, if not, just how much to I show them?

- Quintana


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