I was hesitant to let Bull run around unrestrained, but Daka has a soft spot for him being from the same village it seems. Daka fed him and tended to his wounds somewhat. I suppose it was the civil thing to do. One thing is for sure, I am going to be keeping an eye on him while he walks around like one of us.

We followed the burning trail all the way to a Bandit camp to the North of Dimguard. There doesn’t appear to be even a single survivor in the whole village at first glance. We don’t waste any time looking around, we head straight into the crypts after Ziggy and Horns, where we find them rummaging through the tomb of the Bandit King. We attack from the shadows and the coward Ziggy turned into a bat swarm to avoid us.

I finally brought an end to Horns, however. He was something else. I cleaved his arm nearly off, and he decided to tear it off and take a swing at me with it. He didn’t have much fight left in him after our last encounter. I proceeded to deliver the final blow through his chest then took his head clean off. That isn’t all I took. I also claimed his horns as a trophy, and retrieved his remaining testicle for Kira. We are sentimental like that.

- Rickon


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