After telepoofing away from the jail, we found ourselves back in Daygrove. Unfortunately, everything around us was on fire. I grabbed one of the seedlings (never know when they might come in handy) and we attempted our escape.

Once out of the Great Tree, we found the forest wasted. A trail had been literally blazed straight to Dimguard and we were left in it’s wake. We thought it best to follow it and see what was the cause.

The trail led us to a familiar building that was ablaze. The resting place of the Book that caused us so much trouble…but of course we had to save it. It was still significant. We plowed through some orcs and inside found company we did not expect. Bull and Horns!

I had a debt to settle with Horns over my hand, so I wasted no time in drawing blood. The others took care of Bull, but Kira was all together helpless. I tossed him my spare sword (which he dropped) but instead he simply used his bare hands. It was not a pretty sight when he ripped a testicle from Horns…

I continued to beat him to near death, and he didn’t land a single blow on me so he retreated. He would not have lasted much longer, anyway.

Since Bull had been subdued, I gave chase as long as I could but I could not keep up. We may be even, injury for injury but he is still a lead that we need to track down to find Ziggy and the book, which was nowhere to be seen in the house.

- Rickon


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