Skype Chat:

[11:33:44 AM] Alexander: ima punch someone in the mouth
[11:33:58 AM] Joseph: I have people you can do that too
[11:35:01 AM] Alexander: it better be someone who needs to nom on some justice

[11:35:54 AM] Bryant: just remember railroading = bad
[11:36:11 AM] Joseph: railroading? Got it, no trains
[11:36:21 AM] Bryant: lol
[11:37:09 AM] Bryant: DM: “you get on a boat and head east towards your objective”
Party: “we turn the ship around and head west for fun”
DM: “turns out your map was upside down. you arrive at your objective”

[4:46:04 PM] Joseph: BUTTONS!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh cute =3
[4:46:22 PM] Nicole: YAY
[4:46:31 PM] Nicole: is there a Muffin Button?
[4:46:42 PM] Joseph: There can be if you want there to be ;3
[4:47:03 PM] Nicole: YES
[4:47:32 PM] Joseph: Ill add it to your characters page, what do you want it to doo??

In Game:

Daka : Taste justice! (Then punches a hole through a guards face.)

Noxa Mortis : I like the cut of his jib.

Quintana Sandovol : (Summons dolphin on top of guard)
Daka : (Beats guard with said dolphin)


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