Kas the Bloody-Handed

Trusted lieutenant to Vecna.

First Seen: “Splash!” (Session 1) at the Abandoned House.
Last Seen: “Well, luckily!” (Session 10) tied to a tree in Zeleth as a zombie.
Appeared In: 6 Sessions
Gender: Male
Race: Human Vampire
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 900+
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 185 lbs.
Titles: The Bloody Handed
Also Known As: Kas
Old man
Status: Deceased
Death: Stabbed by King Thomas Ajax with a dagger in Zeleth.
Homeland: Unknown
Allegiance: Unknown at the moment.
Family: Unknown

Kas the Bloody-Handed was the most trusted lieutenant of the despotic arch-lich Vecna, who wielded the Sword of Kas in his master’s name. He was entrusted to guard Vecna’s Compendium Maleficarum after it had fallen into the wrong hands and had been doing well for about 20 years. Until one day it turned up missing. He followed the trail of footsteps and rumors and that lead him to Dimguard’s inn, The Squirrel’s Nest.

There he spotted our heros and Isabella with the book and proceded to wait until they passed out for the night and kidnap them. He, with the help of his guards, brought the heros to an Abandoned House where he woke them up and demanded to know where the book was. Isabella confessed to giving the book away to a rival group of bandits, the Mali. Infuriated he smacked her and questioned the intelligence of her and the group. As he did our heros escaped from the guards grasps and began to kill them off one by one. Kas took this as an opportunity to escape and left the house headed for the Mali camp to retrieve the book.

Having realized Isabella had lied to him he set back to the abandoned house to recollect his thoughts and remove any evidence that he and his party had been there. After dragging the bodys of his comrades upstairs he hear the door open. It was Noxa Mortis, one of the heros he had imprisoned before. Now was his chance to take revenge so he tackled her, tied her up, and began questioning her.

As the rest of the heros showed up at Dimguard to reunite with Noxa after escaping the Baruk Camp they, now in possession of the Compendium Maleficarum, entered the abandoned house. Once inside Daka placed the tomb on one of the tables as they looked around for Noxa. As they did Kas came down the stairs to greet them and demand the book. The heros explained that they really didn’t know what was going on and that they had the book. Kas rushed to the table and grabbed it, completely ignoring the real one in favor of another that was on the table. He thanked the heros, thinking he was in possession of the real tomb and offered his services.

It was at this moment that the group realized they had left Quintana Sandovol at the Baruk Camp. Kas offered to help retrieve her as good faith that they returned the tomb to him. After rescuing Quintana they said their goodbyes and parted ways.

As Kas left the city of Dimguard he opened the book to view all its glory once again after being parted with it for so long. He discovered his flaw and realized the book was not the tomb he was looking for. Ignorant to the fact there were multiple books on the table he assumed the heros tricked or double crossed him. Fumed he turned back and headed to the inn. When he arrived Noxa, Quintana, and Rickon had left but Kirā and Daka remained passed out. He saw this as another opportunity and took him to The Great Tree where he and his group would met to teach him a lesson. Once there he made his way underground to the village of Daygrove. He took the men to an alter, grabbed a sapling and proceded to hit them with it, making them disappear in a cloud of smoke. Afterwards he was ambushed by Noxa and Rickon who wounded him badly and sent him into a different plane using the same sapling he used on their friends.

Kas awoke laying on the ground next to Noxa, Daka, and Rickon, fatally wounded. Rickon proceded to tie him up to a tree and stuff a sock in his mouth so he couldn’t yell for help. They left him for dead.

Hours later the heros returned but with King Thomas Ajax at their side. The king, displeased to see Kas, smiled and enjoyed himself as he stabbed Kas, finally killing the man that had ruined Zeleth and the Ajax bloodline.

When Rickon and the heros learned the sword he carried could only be used with a special ring they returned to Kas’ body to locate it. When the got close to his body Noxa ran up to it to loot it. At this moment Kas awoke and bit Noxa, taking a chunk of flesh out of her forearm. Shortly after Daka ripped off his head, tosed it to Rickon who then cut it in half thus killing Kas for good. It was theorized by Marc Ajax that he used a spell on himself to keep him alive if he was ever defeated, but in true Kas fashion the wrong spell had been used.

Kas the Bloody-Handed

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